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Major Book Festivals and the Awards you Can Win for Books

You have probably heard of the Pulitzer Prize or the Man Booker Prize; but do you know what winning these awards could mean for an author? Winning a big award can offer the biggest boost for its sales. Top literary prizes will be high profile, making headlines and increasing branding and awareness about the author and his book. Many people around the world are interested in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, several books on cryptocurrencies are available in the market through which authors try their best to give more details about digital currencies. Bitcoin robots can be of great help to traders to improve their trading performance. Visit to find a reliable bitcoin robot. Getting recognized by a book prize means record sales for the publisher. Here are some of the world’s biggest literary festivals and awards that you could win for books:

The Most Prestigious Literary Awards In The World - WorldAtlas
  • Berlin International Literature Festival: This is held annually at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele in Berlin for visitors and locals to exhibit everything new in the literary world. Whether it is the latest fiction, prose, adolescent literature, or upcoming writers, you can get a taste of them all.
  • Brooklyn Book Festival: This much-awaited free event is held in New York for bookworms keen to find their favorite authors and new writers. It lasts for a week in September with weekly Book End events for meeting authors and getting books signed by them.
  • Cheltenham Literature Festival: This annual book event has attracted huge crowds since the first in 1949 and runs for 10 whole days. As many as 600 eminent local and international authors showcase their works here.
  • Conrad Festival: This is organized every year at Krakow in Poland and is perhaps the biggest literary festival in Central Europe. The event is committed to reviving people’s interest in books, and hosts musicians, artists and actors making contributions in culture.
  • The Edinburgh International Book Festival: This is one of the best reasons to come to Edinburgh and the event gets almost 200,000 visitors annually. It is held for 16 days in August and features almost 900 events, including interacting with authors and listening to debates.

Here are some of the best-known prizes for books:

  • The Man Booker International Prize: This is meant for rewarding the finest work of fiction in foreign language which has been translated into English.
  • The Nobel Prize in Literature: This is awarded every year to an exceptional writer from any country for his distinguished contribution.
  • The Man Booker Prize: This is awarded to novels written in English and UK published.
  • Women’s Prize for Fiction: This is for full-length book writers who are women. It is an international recognition, inviting entries from everywhere. It had been launched when the 1991 Booker Prize list failed to include any women.
  • Pulitzer Prize: This is awarded in as many as 21 categories, including, literature, online journalism, musical composition, newspaper feats, etc and administered by Columbia University, NYC.
  • National Book Award: This is awarded to honor the best-written literature in the US. Its first edition was in 1950 during which editors, writers, and publishers, met at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel for the celebrations.
  • The Hugo Awards: This is the most prestigious award for science fiction and was first given away in 1953. It is voted for by World Science Fiction Convention members.
  • Pen America Literary Awards: Started in 1963, this is for honoring outstanding voices in the world of literature. Awards are given away for poetry, fiction, essays, and science fiction, etc.
  • Costa Book Awards: Launched in 1971, this recognizes titles from different genres, by poets and authors from Ireland and the UK.
  • Goodreads Choice Awards: The popular booklover’s platform Goodreads shares book reviews and allows authors to showcase their works. This award chooses the best titles voted for by users.

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